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Hayley Williams's 'Over Yet' Is A Beacon Of Light And Hope

The latest 'Petals for Armor' song is optimistic and ready for tomorrow

Hayley Williams is continuing her run of new music with the release of "Over Yet," an uplifting new tune that makes the listener want to rise out of bed and look at the sun. A better day's over the horizon, so let Williams push you to smile as you realize it. As the latest taste of her forthcoming debut solo album Petals For Armorit gives you the happiest version of Williams that we've met so far.

If you like jovial and bouncy fun with a splash of funk, you're in luck. "Over Yet" has a tiny piece of nostalgia in its thick fur, inviting you to Jheri curl your hair and wear an outrageous suit on a club's floor.

Williams is the center of its universe, landing when the beat crashes with inspirational lyrics to let you know that the fight for happiness is never over. With just a little effort, you'll win in whatever you wish to. "If there's resistance/ It makes you stronger/ It's not the end/ When there's persistence," she sings boldly in the first verse. Williams takes your hand and leads you into the light that's waiting just around the corner.

The chorus continues this jubilant sentiment, with her practically adorning some pom poms and giving you the cheer section you need to win at life. "It's the right time/ To come alive," comes from her voice box in between jumps for joy.

Its last lines bring together the song's threads beautifully. "Baby, if you want to try/ To get out of your head, yes/ Break a sweat/ Baby, tell yourself it ain't over yet." You heard the lady! Sing this in the mirror as your pep talk for today and get on the road to manifesting a genuine smile on your face.

After releasing it, Williams shared some details about its creation process on Instagram. She recorded it last year during the course of a "3 day writing escapade." She also revealed that her "attitude has been shiiiit lately" so she's glad that it's out. It looks like she'll be taking her own advice from the song and looking towards a happier future.

Williams is set to release Petals For Armor on May 8. She's already shared some of its songs such as "Simmer," "Leave It Alone," "Cinnamon," "Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris," and more.

For fans who've been holding in their breath for a Williams and Lil Uzi Vert collaboration on Petals For Armor, you can sadly exhale. The singer revealed that she turned down working with him for a song because she didn't "want to be that famous." Who knows what could happen in the future though.

Check out Wiliams's optimistic new song, "Over Yet," up above.