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Asher Angel Loves The 'Summer Vibe' Of Breezy 'All Day' And Thinks You Will, Too

The 'Shazam!' star's burgeoning music career ramps up on feel-good new single

In last year's crackling DC excursion Shazam!, Asher Angel's character could turn into an extremely buff, extremely powerful, lightning-wielding superhero played by Zachary Levi. It was a power he used, thankfully, for good.

But on "All Day," the newest taste of the performer's burgeoning music career, Anger takes center stage and doesn't have to share it with anyone. That means it's just him, commanding a stadium-sized vocal performance as he sings about being completely infatuated with someone over a club-ready beat tailor-made for maximum flirtation.

Angel tells MTV News he recorded the song, written by rapper/songwriter Arizona Zervas, after connecting with it right away. "It has that great spring break/summer vibe that gets you in a good mood," he said. He laid it down in Los Angeles with producer and engineer Chris "Tek" O'Ryan, who also worked on Justin Bieber's Changes album. Angel called him "someone I really trust and can be free with and try different vocal interpretations."

You can see that in the behind-the-scenes exclusive studio footage he shared with MTV News below.

Plans for a large-scale music video, though, had to be amended given the widespread stay-at-home orders issued by local governments in response to the coronavirus pandemic. That means you won't see Angel singing his heart out next to a private plane, like he does in the blockbuster "One Thought Away" clip, or hanging out on the plane with onetime collaborator Wiz Khalifa. ("Working with Wiz reinforced the importance of being true to yourself and your craft, and of course, to have fun.")

Instead, Angel and his team had to get creative with color.

"We decided to film a visualizer in my backyard – without a stylist or the other things that come with an official video," he said. "I have what I think are these cool and comfortable monochromatic outfits, and I like the vibrancy of the colors and how it connects with the song and imagery." He's also called for fans to submit their own versions where they can rock monochromatic outfits of their own.

You'll be able to see it when the "All Day" clip drops on April 4. It'll premiere in the MTV Fresh Out Playlist at 8 a.m. ET on MTV, and also on also on MTV Live and MTVU.

Until then, you'll have the song itself, which you can stream above as a breezy way spend another day at home. And don't worry: Angel is right there with you, keeping busy "writing, playing guitar and piano" along with "video games, school, and basketball." He's also finding time for the essentials of movie nights and board games.

"Just trying to get through it like everyone else," he said.