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Color Billie Eilish's Hair Neon Green With Her Charitable Coloring Book

And paint with Paak with Anderson .Paak's coloring pages

Need something to do while we're all stuck at home practicing social distancing? Billie Eilish and Anderson .Paak have just the thing to keep you busy and help stretch those creative muscles.

Over the weekend Eilish shared a fun new addition to her merch line: a selection of printable coloring pages that you can download digitally as a PDF or purchase as a hard copy. The physical book is $10, while the PDF can be purchased from $0 through $10. All proceeds from Eilish's coloring book sales are being donated directly to UNICEF in light of the coronavirus pandemic and the book can be purchased straight from Billie Eilish's website.

Anderson .Paak has been doing something very similar under his own #PaintWithPaak hashtag, where every Friday the paakhouse Instagram account will post a new image of the rapper. Kids (or anyone, really) can download it and color it in on real paper or by using their favorite app.

"Introducing Friday’s #PaintWithPaak 🤙🏾 Shouts out to all you parents out there sticking tape to the walls 😜Here’s something else to keep the little ones occupied!! Have fun coloring and our faves get showered with something special 🎁," .Paak wrote of his inaugural sketch.

Both artists are offering easy ways to quell some of the boredom many may be feeling at this point, with easy ways to participate and plenty of awesome artwork to make your own.

And who hasn't wanted to color in their own fun, screaming green Billie hair or give her a whole new rainbow-haired look? Now's your chance to do just that. Then share it with the world. We're all looking for a little brightness these days.