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Miley Cyrus Hasn't Felt This Close With Her Fans Since Hannah Montana

'I feel like I'm connecting more with the outside world inside than I've been on the outside'

With most of us self-isolating in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, things can get lonely. We've all been presented with a new challenge to find unique ways to make life interesting from the comfort of our own homes. And in a new interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Miley Cyrus opened up about the good and bad parts of social distancing and self-isolation from her own experience.

"What's really crazy is — and I know that I'm in a really individualized, unique position and I have no misunderstanding of how fortunate I am — this is the most at peace and fulfilled that I've been in the last few years," Cyrus said. This, of course, is partially because of her new Instagram Live series Bright Minded, in which she connects with fans, speaks with celebrity guests, and even graces viewers with impromptu performances.

"This is kind of the busiest I've been strangely in the past year or two because I'm my own booker," Cyrus said, explaining that she reaches out to all the talent herself via DMs. "I book the talent, I write all my intros and skits, and I kind of write all the topics, and I reach out to different foundations." One cause she's been particularly focused on is pet care and relieving the stress of pet owners during these financially uncertain times.

Still, there are things the former Disney Channel star misses about the outside world. "I think I miss the safety of being able to be around my family," she said before revealing that it's her mom and dad that she misses most. But since both her parents have been in contact with her grandmothers, she's made it a point to keep her distance. "I've wanted to see my mom a couple of times but my mom's in her 50s and she visits her mom daily," she said. "So it just hasn't felt responsible for me to be around my mom."

Fortunately, focusing on Bright Minded has kept Cyrus from missing some of the other things she'd grown accustomed to, like going to the studio. "I don't really miss that because connecting with my fans every day is something that I've really been missing probably since Hannah Montana," she said, explaining that back in her Disney Channel days she would connect with fans online weekly. "I feel like I'm connecting more with the outside world inside than I've been on the outside," she added.

Although she's been expending all her energy on her new talk show, Cyrus understands that life in self-quarantine isn't easy for most people. But she remains hopeful that her show will inspire others to make the most of these unusual circumstances. "Obviously we have some time on our hands right now," she said. "And I've been trying to encourage my followers and fans to get creative in the space they're in no matter how big or how small."

For her, getting creative while social distancing has already taught her many important lessons, including but not limited to the value of human connection. And once this whole thing passes, she can't wait to do some of the mundane things that she used to take for granted. "What would we give right now for it to be safe for someone to open the door for somebody?" she said. "I want to take all of these philosophies that I'm learning inside my house outside of my house when it's safe to do so."

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