Are Tori And Jordan Overplaying Their Challenge Hand?

The 'Total Madness' darlings are tough as nails, but are they flexing too soon?

Tori and Jordan proved on War of the Worlds 2 that — even if the cards aren’t falling in your favor — you can still win big. But now that a whole new game — Total Madness — is underway, and the rules of the game changed, their bold behavior is begging the question: Is the newly engaged Challenge couple totally overplaying its hand?

On the latest episode of MTV’s consummate competition series, the elimination-round heavy-hitters — two missions into Season 35 — continued to perform in the middle of the pack. After Airdrop Extraction, which challenged players to transfer a series of heavy medical crates before top performers proceeded to a helicopter bombing mission, neither Tori nor Jordan had earned a spot in The Tribunal.

Still, with a girls’ day in Purgatory looming, Tori hoped that Dee — who’d eventually won the mission alongside teammates Swaggy C and Cory — would throw Tori a bone and nominate her to square off against Jenn in the forthcoming elimination round. Taking on newbie Jenn, Tori presumed, would likely amount to a sure-thing win, and Tori was fixated on earning the game’s second Red Skull, which would guarantee her the first women’s spot in the final mission.

The only problem? Dee said she’d already promised Jenny the opportunity to take out Jenn in Purgatory, and though Tori seemed receptive to Dee’s argument, Jordan — who rightfully pointed out that he and Tori were critical parts of Dee’s WOTW2 victory — wasn’t so ready to let Dee off the hook.

And so, as a united front, Tori and Jordan played their trump card: They threatened Dee (but nicely, and with the help of zany parochial humor!).

“We won her a quarter of a million dollars,” Jordan said, noting that Dee was making too many promises to too many people. “If she wants to go this way, I am done working for her…Dee needs to get her priorities straight.”

But Dee didn’t back down.

“I think what Jordan and Tori are trying to do is play good cop/bad cop,” she said. “They don’t know that I’ve got big balls and I’m not scared of either of them.”

After all was said and done, Dee’s Tribunal did nominate Tori as a potential Purgatory contender alongside Jenny and Big T. But when it came time for the Tribunal to cast their final votes, Dee stuck to her guns and gave Jenny the go-ahead, leaving Tori on the sidelines.

And — no surprise — Jenny blew Jenn away in “Flip the Switch,” which challenged players to hurl a series of barrels up and over a collection of wooden beams.

Tori, though, was hardly impressed, and reiterated that Dee’s choice would come back to haunt her.

“Now you have two people who are gonna be rubbed the wrong way,” Tori said.

But do Tori and Jordan have reason to feel so betrayed, and are they creating needless problems for themselves by harping on Dee’s alliance with Jenny? After all, the more people they aggravate, the less likely anyone will do them the favor of nominating them into Purgatory and helping them claim Red Skulls.

What do you think — are Tori and Jordan totally overplaying their hands, and should they operate with a bit more discretion so early in The Challenge house? Or, does Total Madness encourage bold moves, and are they smart to act aggressively? Share your thoughts, and see how things shake out on the next Challenge episode!