'This Place Is Terrifying': The New Challenge House Is Total Madness

To quote Mattie, 'Where's the hot tub?'

Johnny Bananas declared that the Total Madness competitors are living in a "f*cking bunker with no windows and no doors." And before the Season 35 Challenge premiere, we're getting a better look at the less-than-ideal living conditions.

"I'm in this dungeon-type thing," War of the Worlds veteran Mattie reveals in the sneak peek above. "Where's the hot tub? Where's the mimosas? Where the heck is the sun?" Very different from recent Challenge residences...

What has defending champ Jordan exclaiming "holy sh*t"? And who says the abode resembles a prison? Watch the entire clip above, and do not miss the season premiere of The Challenge: Total Madness on Wednesday at 8/7c.