Madonna To Make Rare Club Appearance

Superstar will perform brief set at New York's Roxy.

With Ray Of Light, Madonna's first foray into modern

electronic music, due in stores in less than three weeks, the former

Material Girl will make what has been touted as her first club appearance

in a decade this Saturday when she takes the stage at New York's Roxy for a

brief set.

An anonymous source at the club confirmed the performance on Thursday

morning. Two thousand tickets for the event, priced at $30 each, have been

sold, according to the source. Although tickets went on sale last Friday,

the show did not sell out until Tuesday, the source said, noting that

publicity for the show had been kept under wraps, save for small mentions

in New York gay-community publications such as Homo Extra.

Several lucky fans who were shut out from ticket sales have already won

passes to the show from New York radio station Z-100 (WHTZ). "We gave away

tickets this morning on 'The Z-Morning Zoo with Elvis and Elliott,' " said

Z-100 promotions spokesman Jeff Regan on Thursday. The station will give

away several more pairs of tickets on Friday's program.

As late as Thursday morning, a representative from Madonna publicist Liz

Rosenberg's office would not elaborate on the show. "We're not confirming

that she's playing there," said the rep. Rosenberg was unavailable for


Madonna's planned set on Saturday is said to be exceptionally brief. While

rumors had placed the setlist at a mere three numbers, the Roxy source

said the singer would perform only two songs. Among the numbers Madonna is

expected to play is "Frozen," the ethereal first single from Ray Of

Light that will hit U.S. radio on Feb. 19. Audio files of "Frozen" have been making the rounds of

Madonna Internet sites for about a month.

One week after Madonna's Valentine's Day show at the Roxy, fans in the U.K.

will have a chance to see her on national television. Madonna is slated to

perform several songs on the British Broadcasting Corporation's national

lottery program on Feb. 21. [Thurs., Feb. 12, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]