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Joe Biden Took The Win In Missouri, Without The Youth Vote

Young people once again overwhelmingly sided with Bernie Sanders

On March 10, former Vice President Joe Biden was announced the Democratic primary election winner in Missouri, with 57 percent of the vote and 22 percent of precincts reporting, according to the New York Times. Senator Bernie Sanders received 32 percent of the vote. President Donald Trump won the Republican primary, as expected.

Of the state's 78 delegates, 68 are pledged delegates. As of publication time, 25 have gone to Biden and 10 have gone to Bernie. The majority of Black voters sided with Biden, according to The Washington Post's exit polls. ABC News exit polls showed Biden also being the candidate voters trusted most to handle a major crisis and the candidate who "best understands the concerns of racial and ethnic minorities." Eric Levitz, a journalist for New York Magazine, reported that Sanders won voters under 30 by 57 points in Missouri.

The primary elections for the state's United States House of Representatives and governor won't take place until August 4.

Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Washington also held their primaries today.

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