Bernie Sanders Defeats Joe Biden In The North Dakota Primary Election

It's the second time the Senator has won the state in a primary contest

Another election has been called, this time in North Dakota. On March 10, Senator Bernie Sanders won the Peace Garden state's caucuses, earning 53 percent of the vote with 100 percent of precincts reporting. Former Vice President Joe Biden received 39 percent of the vote. President Donald Trump won the Republican primary, as expected.

The state has 18 total delegates, 14 of which are pledged delegates. So far, 5 have gone to Sanders and 5 have gone to Biden. Sanders won nearly every caucus site, losing just the Jamestown caucus and the Bismark caucus, according to the New York Times. This vote comes four years after Sanders won the state in 2016 before ultimately losing the nomination to Hillary Clinton. In every other year from 2000 to 2012, however, North Dakota democrats voted for the candidate who would go on to win the nomination, the Times reported.

North Dakota's primary elections for the United States House of Representatives and governor won't take place until June 9.

Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and Washington also held their primaries on March 10.

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