YouTube/Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Is The Jazzercise Instructor Of Your Dreams In New 'Physical' Video

Get ready to sweat

Dua Lipa is your workout instructor in her sweat-inducing new "Physical" video that's all about pushing you to the limit. If you'll recall, she shared a colorful visual for the track at the end of January. Now she's back to turn the high octane tune into the basis of a retro routine that, if you loop it six times, gives you the 30 minutes of exercise that you need today.

"Hey, I'm Dua and I'll be your instructor today," she says at the beginning of the video before the fun starts. Clad in an aerobic outfit that says "Physical" over and over, she's the very essence of fitness. After going over a breathing exercise to start things off and then introducing her backup dancers who have the coolest old-school names like "Ginger Snap" and "Good Ol' Steve," that's when it gets serious. It's time to perspire.

First, there's a warmup with slow movements and stretches designed to get the limbs ready for some serious grooving. After all, "Physical" is playing, so the mood's already electric. After the warm-up, things grow faster. Grabbing some mats, everyone begins to do Lipa's created exercise moves like "The Crybaby" and "The Fonda." Excitement rings through the air in the form of yells and cheers. After getting some water to cool off, and doing one final stretch, the routine is over. It's time to hit the showers and take a breather after this intense clip.

"Physical" is set to appear on Lipa's forthcoming album, Future Nostalgia that's set to drop on April 3. She's previously released the LP's title track and "Don't Start Now."

Join Lipa's workout routine in the new "Physical" video up above.