Catelynn's Mother Reveals What She Really Thought Of Carly's Teen Mom OG Adoption

Cate had 'no regrets' -- but what did April think?

Catelynn admitted she is in a "good place" during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode -- but recognized she needed to take the time to address some "core trauma" with her mother April regarding their turbulent past (including Carly's adoption). And the mom of two did just that with the MTV grandmother while they were on a getaway in Florida (without any other family members).

"I was glad you got help -- I knew you needed it," April told her daughter.

"If you don't say how you feel, then things are just going to be built up," Cate responded.

But April was dealing with her own issues with her mother and how she "walked on eggshells." Cate explained that this was "generational trauma" -- and how it's necessary for each generation to do something to break the cycle.

"And you're stopping it," April proudly told Cate.

The women later discussed Carly -- and April's reaction to her child's difficult 16 and Pregnant decision. Cate had no recollection of when she told April she was going to outline an adoption plan, while April recalled that the conversation happened on Mother's Day. While Cate expressed that she had "no regrets" about the outcome, April commended Cate for her brave choice.

"You did the right thing," April said. "I'm glad you did what you did."

Cate expressed her appreciation and said that this statement meant "a lot." Be sure to keep watching the mother-daughter duo every Tuesday on Teen Mom OG at 8/7c.