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Please Appreciate Taika Waititi's Statuesque Oscars Red Carpet Poses

The 'Jojo Rabbit' director isn't scared of some friendly competition

Taika Waititi knows how to strike a pose. The Jojo Rabbit writer-director-star rolled up to the 2020 Oscars red carpet in about as classic a tux 'fit as you can go — but it's what he does in that tux that stops the show.

Much like his film's tiny, wonderful preteen stars Roman Griffin Davis and Archie Yates, Waititi knows what to do with his hands on the carpet. He's proved it tonight. Ahead of the awards kickoff Sunday night (February 9) — where his film is up for six awards, including Best Picture, and where the man himself is up for Best Adapted Screenplay — here are all the killer poses Waititi hit that you'll want to pocket for your own big red-carpet debut (or, you know, your next party entrance).

  • Celebrating a hot new emoji
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    There's a new pinched-fingers emoji hitting your smartphone soon, and while folks remain divided over what precisely it means (a stereotypical Italian hand gesture? a Mandu heart?), it's clear that Waititi looks great doing it.

  • Extended a bravo to his fellow nominees
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    The man is gracious, and the night is still early, so there's plenty of kudos left to give.

  • Hitting his best Shakespearean pose
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    Some poses just work, no matter the circumstance. With one arm outstretched and his head tilted back (and his brow furrowed just slightly), the man contains multitudes. He's a statue. He's Hamlet. He's a living cologne commercial.

  • Playing coy
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    Korg from Thor: Ragnarok, is that you?

  • Copping The Rock's signature People's Eyebrow
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    The most electrifying move in sports entertainment.

  • Putting up his dukes
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    The Oscars are a competition. Waititi came to win, and his arms are akimbo for a proper rumble. Capital, I say!

  • Looking at you — yes, you
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    It's just you and me here, kid. No hand gestures necessary.