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Hayley Williams Dances With Demons In Haunted 'Cinnamon' Video

The first part of 'Petals For Armor' is out now

Hayley Williams's Petals For Armor I is out now. That's right. Even though the full album doesn't come out until May 8, the singer has released the first part of it today (February 6), featuring both "Simmer" and "Leave It Alone" along with three other songs: "Creepin'" "Sudden Desire," and "Cinnamon," the last of which comes with a haunting new music video.

"Cinnamon" is a festive chorus of Williams singing oohs and ahhs; she recently revealed that the song is an ode to her home. Its verses are short and sweet. She talks to her dog at home and it smells like "citrus and cinnamon" within the four walls that she loves so much. It contains a sweet, cheery vibe that just warms your soul as you stare at your own surroundings. I, too, could use a cinnamon air freshener around these parts.

The "Cinnamon" video, however, is wild, hard to contextualize, and slightly spooky — as are the videos for "Simmer" and "Leave It Alone." "Cinnamon" finds Williams relaxing and minding her business when creepy humanoid beings, seemingly a part of her surroundings, begin chasing her inside of her house. One's made of wood, another's made out of a piano, and a third is made from wallpaper.

Terrified, Williams flees to a bathroom where she meets another of these beings that's more majestic than the rest. After realizing that it mirrors her every movement, all fear abandons her bones as she then begins to dance along with them. Their routine is a real energy burner, so at one point, Williams heads to the kitchen and gets a cup of tea. She sips it, almost symbolically, as if she's telling you to mind your business while she minds hers. What goes on inside of her house must stay there.

Outside of her house, Williams recently made headlines with her jazzy cover of Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. Her rendition made Lipa's discofied original into a more subdued and minimalistic treat.

Watch the "Cinnamon" video and check out Petals For Armor I up above.