Kaytranada And Kali Uchis Are The Center Of A Retro Party In '10%'

The King and Queen of Vibes have entered the building

All hail Kaytranada, Master of Vibes! The indescribable producer has created a night of festive debauchery with Kali Uchis in his new video for "10%." Do you have any outfits that look like they're straight out of an episode of Sanford and Son? Grab one and get down to the club. It's groove night.

Kaytranada has money and all, but he probably drives an old station wagon and refuses to pick up a cellphone. How else could you describe his ability to yank you out of 2020 and trap you in a time when disco balls were on every ceiling? "10%" is another immensely immersive period piece, with synths swinging and bopping across the dance floor. Its video seals the deal with its night of nostalgic good time.

"10%" follows Uchis, who's decked out in some luxurious threads, having the time of her life at a night club where she collects money from people lucky enough to be in her presence. While she minds her business and lets the coolness radiate off of her, Kaytranada stands nearby, equally as resolute in his badassery. Together, the two are the center of the night as the camera pans off to show everyone's ridiculous dance moves. This isn't a "Futsal Shuffle" or "Mop" kind of party. Everyone's just loosening their limbs, laughing and smiling until the sun comes up.

If you're looking to party with Kaytranada soon, you're in luck. He's also announced a tour that kicks off on April 22 in San Francisco and wraps up on June 6 in Minneapolis. Check out the full tour dates below.

"10%" appears on Kaytranada's most recent album, Bubba, that dropped in December. The LP features Pharrell Williams, Tinashe, Goldlink, and more.

Check out Kaytranada and Kali Uchis's groovy party in "10%" up above. Then, check out the producer's forthcoming tour dates.