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Disney+'s WandaVision Looks Like A Sitcom That's Gone Off The Rails

The Marvel series previewed at the Super Bowl, along with 'Loki' and 'Winter Soldier'

Disney+ has a full slate of new Marvel series on the way, and we got a sneak peek at several of them during the Super Bowl.

A new Marvel teaser that aired during the big game served up several tasty morsels for eager fans looking to sample what's to come when the delectable new shows hit.

The teaser, titled the "Big Game" Spot, combined three different series into one meaty look at what's about to hit Disney+ in the next year: WandaVision, Winter Soldier, and Loki. But out of all of the action-packed sequences stuffed into the bite-sized trailer, it was WandaVision that truly stood out.

The series, which is meant to continue the adventures of Avengers' Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), also known as Scarlet Witch and The Vision (Paul Bettany), is serving some series sitcom weirdness – in a good way.

From the few scenes we've seen of the show so far, it looks like it's planning to adapt some of the classic Tom King comic series Vision, which thrilled readers with a speculative fiction lilt that looks very much like what the new footage is teasing.

For one, it looks like Wanda and Vision are seen flashing through several odd sitcom-like versions of themselves. You've got classic black-and-white scenes straight out of Leave It to Beaver, with Wanda clad in a wedding dress and Vision in a smart suit as they navigate domestic bliss together.

But then, we've got Wanda clad in what appears to be '70s-like attire, and even a glimpse at an '80s-like wardrobe for her and Vision alike, which calls to mind series like Family Ties.

It's unclear exactly why there's a strange sitcom aesthetic, unless the pair will be seen traveling through time or eras in some way, but WandaVision definitely looks like the most fun out of the three shows thus far. Loki and Winter Soldier are similarly action-packed and grandiose, but WandaVision looks like the series most of us will want to keep an eye on. More teasers, please!