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Life Is Good, But Love Sucks: Drake And Future Are In The Dumps On 'Desires'

Can they push Valentine's Day back until further notice?

If you ask Drake and Future how everything is going right now, they'd probably tell you that life is good. You can tell by just how good of a mood that they're in, considering that they just, you know, leaked one of their own songs. It's called "Desires," and it's a bit of moody magic that finds the two in a huff thanks to their partners who have become extremely annoying. Drake and Future are both happy, of course, but they shed this disposition in favor of a deep collective frown.

Most of "Desires" was already shared earlier this month, so what's the best way to beat leakers to the punch? By just leaking the entire thing yourself. Drake named the track "Desires Leak 2020 Super Future Drake" and posted it on his official SoundCloud account, showing that he's clearly having fun being his own leaker.

It's great for fans that this is out, too. "Desires" is an uncut gem that Howard Ratner could sell to Kevin Garnett for at least $200,000 thanks to its glowing textures and shiny, bass-heavy surface. Drake and Future take turns rap-singing about a partner who's growing to entitled to deal with. The money, cars, clothes, and extra attention have made more problems for their girlfriends, so Drake sits and thinks about how things could have been different. "I should have put you somewhere where no one could find you / Mansion out in the sticks with nothing around you," he sings on the chorus, clearly shaking his head.

Future similarly feels the heat from the situation, scolding his partner for her actions. "You want to be my No. 1, you're not acting like the main thing / I let you play my No. 2, you barely made the second string," he spits. In the third verse, Drake, too, grows a bit agitated. "How the fuck you keep so many secrets?" he hisses before continuing. "How you going vegan but still beefing with me again?" It's a sad tale, and you can sense at the end of the song that they're over it.

Drake and Future dropped "Life Is Good" earlier this month with a music video involving them trying their hands at a number of random jobs. The two are clearly preparing to hit fans with something special, perhaps another collaborative project like 2015's What a Time to Be Alive. Now with two new joint releases, it appears that this definitely has to be in the works.

Listen to "Desires" up above.