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Roddy Ricch Shows Love To Kobe Bryant In Imaginative New 'The Box' Performance

He tasked the audience to use their imagination

Fresh off of winning his first-ever trophy at the 62nd Grammy Awards, Roddy Ricch performed a concert inside of a cube with a new, illusionary display of "The Box" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. With three giant screens, he invited the world outside into his space for a wild, nonsensical ride.

There's an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants about the imaginative powers of boxes. If you find the right one, you can close your eyes and sail on Robot Pirate Island or even drive in a race — as long as a garbage truck isn't actually hauling you away and you are not, in fact, driving. Ricch realizes the power contained in boxes and in I M A G I N A T I O N (as SpongeBob so eloquently put it with his hands, making a rainbow for the very unimpressed Squidward). For his performance of "The Box," he placed himself within three walls, literally breaking the fourth so that the audience in the studio, and at home, would feel as if they were in there with him.

Inside of the box was where the fun started. Ricch, who paid homage to Kobe Bryant by wearing a No. 8 Lakers jersey, rapped his massive hit while disorientating images flashed on the walls of the cube. First, there were burning buildings, followed by some beautiful city architecture. Then there was a bank vault that, when opened, contained his initials. There's little to no meaning behind these cool-looking clips, so place yourself inside of the box and come up with your own. That is what boxes are for, after all.

Ricch ended his epic show with an awesome request, pulling the audience, and everyone at home, out of their creative trip. "Make some noise in the building if you rock with Jimmy Fallon," he yelled. It was a fitting conclusion to the show. And, just like that, everyone came back to reality.

Check out Ricch's inventive "The Box" performance on Fallon up above.