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Animal-Era Kesha Comes Out To Play On New Single 'Tonight'

Grab your glitter — she's back

Grab your glitter and start drawing dollar signs on your arms — 2010 Kesha is back. The "Raising Hell" singer just released the fourth song from her upcoming High Road album today (January 28), and the ballad-turned-banger is 100 percent your new night-out anthem.

Though the song will certainly be a nightclub DJ's go-to, it actually begins as quite the opposite: with soft piano and powerful vocals reminiscent of the pop star's 2017 LP Rainbow. "Tonight's the best night of our lives," she sings. "Can you feel it? I can feel it / We got it all, if we're alive." But then it's almost as if she hits rewind, and suddenly,  Animal-era Kesha (or Ke$ha, rather) comes out to play.

"Bitch, we going out tonight / Bitch, we going out," a mysterious voice says, completely shifting the tone of the track. "B-b-bitch, we going out tonight / Bitch, pick up your phone." Similar to "Tik Tok," the song chronicles yet another wild night out with her girlfriends: "Okay, we're going out tonight, don't wanna stay home / I got my girls to call the Uber 'cause I can't find my phone." Confirmed: She's still just as messy, wild, and fun as she was a decade ago.

For more proof that the pop star is back to embracing her party anthem roots, she goes on to sing about "looking for some trouble like we hunting for treasure" and hiding wine in her friend's backpack. And while we've loved Kesha through all of her eras, returning to the sound that had us all passionately singing about brushing our teeth with a bottle of Jack just feels so right.

If you weren't already stoked for her upcoming fourth studio album High Road, which comes out on Friday (January 31), this song will certainly do it. And if we had to judge based on the four singles she's released so far, it's likely that Friday's release will once again inspire Kesha fans everywhere to bring out their inner animal. Perhaps at her High Road tour, which will kick off in Sugar Land, Texas, on April 23. See you there!