YouTube/J Balvin

J Balvin Is A Monarch Of Mauve In 'Morado'

It's even on animal fur

J Balvin's the king of his massive castle in "Morado." The name of the video means "purple" in Spanish and, as you watch the video, you'll see a lot of it. His groovy new reggaeton jam comes with a massive, luxurious depiction that of what living in a castle is like.

Sitting on stacks of comfy beds, he shows off what would be the biggest house ever on MTV Cribs. Imagine the stress that the interior decorator was under while trying to set this up.

Purple has been historically associated with royalty; J Balvin's one of reggaeton's kings, so it makes sense that there are purple walls, animals, and splashes of it wherever he walks. This is the life of a champion. Adorning his crown and wearing an expensive suit, he resembles King Arthur on his throne. Being a ruler has never looked so sleek and stylish.

J Balvin loves colors. In November, he released a wildly white video for "Blanco." Last year, he released a collaboration project with Bad Bunny called Oasis.

Check out all of the purple goodness in "Morado" up above.