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Harry Styles's Workout Routine Includes Blasting One Direction

Wow, we have so much in common

If you ever feel a bout of One Direction nostalgia coming on (and let's be real, who hasn't?), you're not alone. Harry Styles feels it too. And in an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today (January 10), the "Lights Up" crooner revealed his one guilty pleasure that will have the entire 1D fandom keysmashing and clicking "tweet."

In a rapid-fire game of "Burning Questions," DeGeneres asked Styles a series of questions, from his underwear preference to his current relationship status. When asked about his guilty pleasure, he smirked and said,"working out to One Direction." Similar to Styles, we also blast tunes like "Best Song Ever" and "No Control" while running on the treadmill. The difference? we certainly do not feel guilty about it. Not in the slightest.

In addition to jamming out to One Direction at the gym, the "Watermelon Sugar" singer shared that he prefers briefs over boxers, meditates when he can't fall asleep, and is currently single. He also revealed that he's been in handcuffs before, is terrified of dying ("that was dark"), and said his favorite body parts on a woman are "eyes, smile... character." Sure, character might not be a body part per se, but we'll take it.

DeGeneres got a lot of answers out of the pop star, and finding out that he listens to One Direction through his headphones while working out is truly the content fans deserve. But even though we loved every second of Styles's game of "Burning Questions," the singer himself generally prefers to keep details about his life as private as possible.

"What is a lie you recently told?" the talk show host asked Styles during the very invasive segment. "I wanted to play this game," he joked.