Drake And Future Keep Losing Jobs Because They Can't Stop Dancing In 'Life Is Good'

Somehow, they end up co-directing their own music video

Before Drake and Future became world-class rappers, they were bumbling besties who tried their hands at every job they could find in the Classifieds section of the newspaper. In their new, hilariously reflective video for "Life Is Good," the dynamic duo work in retail, cake decoration, and fast food, with hilarious hijinks happening everywhere they go.

It's safe to say that after watching this, the world is a much better place with them making music instead of having to serve people. You'd definitely want a refund.

In their first failed job attempt, Drake and Future are trash collectors who spend too much time dancing on the job. Instead of, you know, picking up bags of trash, they're grooving like rich musicians. Imagine looking out of your window and seeing someone bouncing their shoulders instead of getting that stinky old casserole out of your garbage bin. Next, they work at a tech store where they have to teach others how to operate their devices. Lil Yachty cameos as the clueless tech who still looks a bit befuddled after Drake shows him what to do.

After brief stints as dancing mechanics and cake decorators, the two then get to work at a drive-thru at a restaurant where Mike Will Made It, 21 Savage, and more actually do their jobs. Drake and Future still haven't picked up on what to do though; Future's spitting game at ladies in the window while Drake dances while handing off food to his co-workers. These guys are a lost cause. After one shitty shift, the two converse with each other in the back and talk about the dreams that they have of becoming rappers one day.

As it turns out, it ends up happening! And in a very meta move, the two film a music video inside this one, dancing to this very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-like tune, with its bouncing bass and pulverizing 808s that switch up midway. Drake and Future continue their dancing ways but this time they're getting paid for it. Turns out these moves actually look cool when they're not in a place of service. For a mindfuck of an ending, it turns out that the two rappers are directing themselves — or at least helping Director X direct themselves.

Drake teased "Life Is Good" earlier this month. It's expected to appear on a new collaborative album with Future, following their 2015 joint project What a Time to Be Alive. 

Check out "Life Is Good" up above to learn how not to maneuver through the service industry.