Chi Chis Out: Does Nilsa Have Any Regrets About Her Floribama Arrest?

Showing some skin landed her in handcuffs

Nilsa showed off her bare chi chis up during tonight's MTV Floribama Shore episode, and it eventually landed her in handcuffs.

But before she wound up hearing, "You're under arrest," a very intoxicated Nilly declared (while standing on the balcony at a bar), "No one is looking at me." She then pulled down her shirt to reveal her boobs, and several police officers (who were on the street) swiftly instructed her to "get down here." Yeah, someone was staring at her...

When Nilsa met up with the authorities, one instructed her to not "do anything stupid," and they told her they needed to go to their vehicle in order for her to show her ID. However, the situation escalated when she returned to the group's taxi and started screaming, "F*ck off -- I did nothing wrong."

Even though production security encouraged her to stop yelling, Nilsa continued to unleash her frustration. One cop told her, "Calm down and you're free to go," but she proceeded to release her anger against another cop and said, "F*ck him" (while banging on the windows). And then she kicked in the taxi window.

"My mom's going to f*cking kill me," she stated in a confessional interview, as footage rolled of her under arrest and going into a cop car.

Will Nilsa be formally charged? How will her roommates react? All that will unfold next week -- but before viewers see the aftermath of her indecent exposure, does Nilsa have any regrets about the incident?

"I respect authority," she told MTV News. "I always have, and I have never been in trouble. I regret what I told the cops, and I am sorry to the taxi company for busting out their window. But I'm not very sorry for showing my chi chis, because men get to walk around with their shirts off. Also, my breasts are silicone. I'm just showing you some rubber."

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