You Without Joe's Narration Is Still A Hilariously Cringy Mess

Hello, awkward pauses and exaggerated expressions

If you thought Netflix's You was creepy as-is, wait 'til you see the streaming platform's latest viral clip from the show.

Using the same format it employed from last season of the show, Netflix made You even more unsettling by removing Joe's (Penn Badgley) voiceover. The result? Well, just watch and see.

If you're unfamiliar with the show, Joe typically speaks to viewers by way of internal monologue. This way, we have a better idea of what he's thinking, feeling, and scheming. It works out well, because it gives us a portal into his mind.

But stripping the show of Joe's narration reduces us to seeing (and hearing) what those he interacts with do. When you realize that characters like Beck from Season 1 had only his outward, vocalized thoughts and actions to go on, the show becomes even more awkward and infinitely scarier. Because the voiceover is a constant on the show, it's difficult to remember that this wouldn't be happening in a real-life situation...or would it?

It's the perfect time to watch this weirdly funny clip, especially since You Season 2 just debuted on December 26. The new season finds Joe (now going by the name Will) making a move to Los Angeles to start anew. There, Joe, er, Will faces a whole new set of problems, but don't worry – he'll have plenty to obsess about too. It's pretty different from the first season, but still very much the same.

When you watch the new episodes this time, think about how weird it must be for everyone but Joe as he goes off on his strange little tangents while in his own head. And then let's hope Netflix puts out another awkward clip like this one, because it makes the show so much funnier – and it's easier to spot the red flags, too.