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Emma Chamberlain — 'The Most Popular Girl In The World' — Landed Her First Major Magazine Cover

We. Are. Shook.

If you ask any YouTube binge-watcher to list the most popular vloggers on the platform, Emma Chamberlain's name will likely come up. With over 8.5 million subscribers and a library of hilariously edited videos on topics ranging from her favorite coffee recipe to her daily routine, she's taken the internet by storm. And now, two years after starting her channel, the 18-year-old viral sensation has landed her very first major magazine cover with — wait for it — Cosmopolitan.

In a new video uploaded to both Cosmo and Chamberlain's YouTube channels, Chamberlain (who the magazine has dubbed "the most popular girl in the world") revealed to her subscribers that she was asked to be the next cover star. Clearly still in shock, she then shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot as well as her initial reaction to seeing the stunning cover for the very first time.

"Today is the day I get to finally see the cover," she said in the vlog. "I'm so excited. I haven't even seen what photo they're going to use of me or anything. I have no idea. I don't know anything about it so this a first time, raw reaction of me seeing the cover." After showing viewers the bedazzled envelope and admitting that she was "nervous" to even look, the YouTuber was ultimately thrilled with the results. "WOW! Who's that?" she said.

Of course, the cover is just the latest addition to Chamberlain's long list of cool opportunities since her rise to internet stardom. In the past, she attended Paris Fashion Week, collaborated with Vogue and Louis Vuitton, was included in Time's list of The 25 Most Influential People On The Internet, and so much more. But the Cosmo cover truly made her speechless, calling the whole experience the "coolest thing ever." And after taking a minute to collect her thoughts, she returned to share some in-depth details about the day, from the delicious breakfast to all of the amazing shooting locations.

"We did a long fitting, tried on a bunch of outfits, figured out which ones were our favorite, got them tailored to me to fit me perfectly, [and] ate some breakfast," Chamberlain explained. "We did hair and makeup... and then we started shooting and we shot in so many different locations. We shot inside of the Fred Segal store, we shot some photos in a parking garage, we shot some photos standing on a table outside with a beautiful view in the background. There was a lot of different locations."

For Chamberlain, being a Cosmo cover star is a "full circle" moment — especially since she's been reading the magazine for several years. "I cannot believe it. I cannot fathom it," she said. "... Just because I want to, I'm going to thank you guys and Cosmopolitan one more time, so thank you. This is one of the coolest things I've ever done and I'm so grateful for the opportunity. I'm going to take a nap now because I need it."

Emma Chamberlain's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine will hit newsstands on January 14.