Hailee Steinfeld Relives A Relationship From Hell On 'Wrong Direction'

She incredulously questions how could she have been caught off guard

It's sad bop season! January is about the time that you realize that Valentine's Day is going to suck, so the entire month is an ice cream-o-thon; its main event is a competition of who can rapidly scroll through their exes' Twitter feeds the fastest while looking for evidence of their current love life.

Hailee Steinfeld's new song, "Wrong Direction," is the soundtrack to this sorrowful period. This bed of piano notes and wounded whispers makes it clear that her last relationship was heaven at times, hell at others, and now, she's ready to open up about what made it so painful: infidelity.

Steinfeld's new song is emotional warfare, and her unnamed ex (it's heavily speculated that "Wrong Direction" is about Niall Horan, whom she dated for a year) is on the other side of the trenches. She sprawls out over a slow and stirring piano and bares all about what she went through, opening with a powerful four-line bombshell:  "I don't hate you / No, I couldn't if I wanted to / I just hate all the hurt that you put me through / And that I blame myself for letting you." With that, she sets the tone; she can forgive, but she'll never forget.

She builds the situation to be an equally hellish and utopian partnership with a part of the song's chorus: "Didn't even stop to question / Every time you burned me down / Don't know how; for a moment it felt like heaven." As she keeps throwing wood into this angry fire, she begins to wonder how exactly she got into the situation.

"How did you sweep me right off my feet?" she croons incredulously. It's a tale of lowering one's guard for love and suffering because of it. Everyone can relate to the pain in her voice that she spreads over the mellow atmosphere like warm butter.

Listen to Steinfeld's sad new song up above.