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Chris Evans Put His Dog In The Infamous Knives Out Sweater And The Internet Loved It

Dodger's version was custom-made

By now, you're probably already aware of the absolute phenomenon that is Chris Evans' cream cable-knit sweater in Knives Out.

When Evans debuted in the first few trailers and promotional images from Rian Johnson's whodunit, people latched onto the cozy, dapper staple of his movie wardrobe. The Sweater was a veritable holiday miracle. Everyone wanted to know where to buy it, everyone wanted to have their own Chris to go along with it, it was chaos.

But it was beautiful chaos. And what could be better than Chris Evans rocking that sweater? Nothing, right?

Alright, well, we stand corrected.

Evans took the sweater and kicked things up a notch. Can you believe this man? He dressed his dog Dodger up in his own little custom version of the sweater, and ratcheted up the dog's already stupidly high cute factor beyond comprehension. If it's possible to make a dog look like a perfect gentleman/potential killer, then Evans totally nailed it. Just look at how the internet responded.

It's unfortunate that the holiday season is drawing to an end, because this is now a Halloween costume hallmark for all of us and our pets, and should be treated as such. Dodger the Good Boy looks amazing in his new sweater, and we have to thank Chris for making this magical moment happen on Christmas, of all the days of the year. He chose that day to bless us with this photo set. And we all want to emulate it.

But you don't have to wait an entire year to go by to start twinning with your dog if you want to bring this amazing Twitter moment to life. You can grab a lookalike sweater for you from the Aran Sweater Market, and gift your dog a late holiday present with a lookalike sweater from Amazon.

The Sweater is the gift that keeps on giving, after all.