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Cody Simpson Bought 'Queen' Miley Cyrus A Bone-Chilling Holiday Gift

Their relationship appears alive and well

Just in case you were letting it keep you up at night, it looks like Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus are still very much a thing.

Never a couple to let us wonder very long if they're still going strong or not, Simpson made their status official once more amid potential breakup rumors earlier in December with a simple post to his Instagram story.

In addition to spending time with Miley and her family for the holidays, Simpson gave Miley a very extra gift: a bronze skull pendant on a delicate chain. He posted a snap of the singer rocking it alongside several other chains on her neck on Christmas with a flirty caption.


"Museum Quality for my queen," he wrote alongside skull and trident emoji. It's a little unclear what he meant by "museum quality," but the necklace definitely is A Lot. Luckily, that's Miley's style, and she seems to be rocking her new look proudly. So if you had any doubts that they weren't right for each other, it looks like it's time to put those to rest.

In fact, Cyrus and Simpson even took to Instagram with a response of their own, or so it seems, to the rumors swirling around about their supposed "demise" as a couple, sipping tea in a rather shady way.

So, yeah. They're still going strong. The couple even celebrated Miley's birthday together a few weeks ago, and they've been basically inseparable most of the time since. Still looking adorable as always, too.

It looks like Miley and Cody will be going into a lovey-dovey 2020 together, which is great news for music fans. Hopefully some of this emotion has been written into Miley's new record, because we can't wait for another selection of straight bops like we got with the preview EP She Is Coming.