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Tyler, The Creator Has Gifted Fans Two New Songs Originally Recorded For 'Igor'

After working on music for 'The Grinch' last holiday, Tyler's presenting tunes ahead of this Christmas

Tyler, the Creator is back! Just ahead of Christmas, he's gifted fans with two fresh songs: "Best Interest" and "Group B." Technically, they're not new, since they were to be included on his Grammy-nominated fifth studio album, Igor. But to everyone who has yet to hear them (which is, well, everyone), these new blips of Tyler make for awesome holiday surprises.

It's nice to know that Tyler cares to spread some holiday cheer. He did do music for The Grinch last year after all.

"Best Interest" is soft, shiny, and shimmering. The rough recording features Tyler singing like a 2000s heartthrob while also rapping around his sandy voice. It came with a video of Tyler on a fishing trip with some friends. The rapper added some context on Twitter, saying, "was on a boat, told the homie to just start filming, i was lip-syncing to no music, was surprised when it synched up perfectly."

"Group B" is the soulful inverse of "Best Interest," grounded in Tyler's emceeing ability and nothing else. Tyler raps as if he's shuffling his feet for a complex dance, twisting, turning, and hopping to the beat to stay in its good graces. His bars are short and to the point ("We stepping in puddles in / Them new Giannos / The team I'm assembling / You trembling / We in a circle huddling"). Tyler had to tweet just how much he loved the song with this:

Tyler, the Creator dropped Igor earlier this year. The LP featured its lead single "Earfquake" and had features from Playboi Carti, Solange, Kanye West, and more.

Check out Tyler's two new songs, "Best Interest," and "Group B," up above.