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Kehlani And Keyshia Cole Are Heart-Eyes Emojis On 'All Me'

Is Valentine's Day in December this year?

If you glance at Kehlani or Keyshia Cole's partners, they'll cough loudly and step in front of them to obscure your view, then tell you to keep it moving with their arms raised in the air. They're obsessed with their hubbies on "All Me," a new collaboration that feels like Valentine's Day come early. Kehlani, one of the industry's hottest rising R&B singers, and Cole, a legend in the game with a voice more powerful than many, have made a new lovey-dovey anthem that's simultaneously for cheek-pinching spouses and drop-kicking potential home wreckers.

Kehlani and Cole's cheery new tune isn't a slow-churning, hold-your-partner close kind of ode. It's bouncy and energetic, carved from Kehlani's R&B DNA. On it, the singer's jaw is on the floor. For the first time in a while, she's slept through the night. What a romantic flex.

Cole is equally enchanted by her lover's affection, singing, "Embraced all my flaws even / When you didn't have to / Stay holding me down / Even when I'm not around," with all of the energy of a dozen heart-eyes emojis back to back. But they have one message to all the interested people that want to break this union between them and their partners: "When you see him, know that's all me," Kehlani sings pointedly, antagonistically even. Don't even dare.

Kehlani dropped While We Wait earlier this year. In November, she released the heartfelt breakup anthem, "You Know Wassup."

Check out Kehlani and Cole's new adorable hubby anthem, "All Me," up above.