Zoë Kravitz Teases Her ‘All-Time Top Five Most Memorable Heartbreaks’ In First High Fidelity Footage

Love's the DJ, she's the song

Actress Zoë Kravitz is taking the classic romantic comedy-drama High Fidelity and making it her own with Hulu's latest series.

Kravitz stars as Rob, the same record store owner John Cusack played in the original 2000 film and gives the role a modern twist, nearly 20 years later.

She's obsessed with pop culture, music, and making top five lists, but somewhere in between she's still trying to find a feel for the person she is inside, as well as the friends she's attracted for herself. Throughout it all, she's trying to navigate a sea of broken relationships, all while searching for The One.

Kravitz is joined by Da'Vine Joy Randolph, David H. Holmes, Jake Lacy, and Kingsley Ben-Adir for this hip new vision of a familiar film.

Randolph plays Rob's friend Cherise, whose first love is music, but she tends to think she knows everything. She isn't shy about voicing this opinion to others, especially the others in her friend circle. But beyond listening to music, she has her own goals in mind when it comes to the art form.

Lacy will portray the "cool guy" Clyde, who just arrived in New York City from Los Angeles. He may not be interested in music, but Rob might be interested in him. Meanwhile, Holmes portrays Rob's best friend (and ex-boyfriend) Simon. While the two briefly dated, Simon came out and changed all that. Now, the pair trade barbs as Simon's employed at the record store, all while he continues the search for his own perfect guy.

And then there's Adir, who plays Mac, the one that got away from Rob. But is he really gone? We'll have to watch and see.

All 10 episodes of High Fidelity are set to debut on February 14 via Hulu. It really does seem like the perfect Valentine's Day binge watch, after all.