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Young Thug Wags His Tongue And Moons His Haters In Four Swaggering New Songs

Travis Scott and Gunna appear on the tunes from the deluxe edition of 'So Much Fun'

Young Thug dropped his debut album, So Much Fun, earlier this year. The album is indeed a lot of fun, with catchy, fire-starting songs like "Hot" with Gunna (that peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart) and "The London" with Travis Scott and J. Cole (that peaked right behind it at No. 12) being exciting enough to make the LP go gold.

So Much Fun is back in a new way because today (December 20), Young Thug has released a deluxe edition with four new songs including Gunna and Travis Scott on two of them. Just ahead of Christmas, Young Thug has made it a mission to make sure that Santa gets lit (like Gucci Mane before him).

Here's a quick rundown of Young Thug's new bunch of tracks.

  • "Diamonds" ft. Gunna

    The first of the four new tracks is "Diamonds," a simple, lovestruck refrain surrounded by Young Thug's laser-beam voice. He chants "Diamonds" with his eyes wide open and blank as if he's staring into a clear case at the jewelry store, mesmerized by the beauty of some gemstones. He brags about making his lady happy and having a good day with her, presumably to give her diamonds some time in the near future. Gunna comes in for the second half of the song and shares a verse with Young Thug, preferring to rap about being stingy with his own diamonds instead of sharing the wealth with another. For Christmas this year, they're definitely going to their jewelers.

    Best lines: "Every day she tells me I'm the G.O.A.T. / She'd never lie to the G.O.A.T."

  • "Hop Off a Jet" ft. Travis Scott

    "Hop Off a Jet" is little more pulse-raising. The beat's a tad sped up, and whenever Travis Scott's on the track with Young Thug, they practically beg for mosh pits to form in the midst of crowded concerts. The two take the time to brag about tearing through the skies in planes instead of waving to taxis that zoom past them on the streets. Scott handles the chorus and smug first verse while Thug name-drops his favorite cars and sticks his tongue out to his haters. He really, really, really loves his Corvette and his Maybach.

    Best lines: "Just watered my wrist, baguettes, whoa, you know I'm a vet / Hop off the jet with an A and a K and a three-headed snake"

  • "Die Today"

    If your wrists were lined with diamonds, wouldn't you want to brag too? "Die Today" continues the trend, with Young Thug taking the time to incorporate peppermints, of all things, into his deep bag of flexes. He's definitely fresher than a peppermint. But the second verse is where the flexes get outrageous. Not only does he have 26 rooms in his house (which he strangely takes back in the very next line), he also has 26 brooms. I've never heard someone brag about cleaning supplies.

    Best Lines: "I'm fresh as a peppermint / A green and white peppermint"

  • "Millions"

    You'll be shaking your tail feather from the second that "Millions" starts. It moves fast and wastes no time breaking out a devilish dance of drums dangled in the air by a plethora of strings. Young Thug may call the song "Millions," but the actual idea of money is in the back seat. Instead, the rapper chooses to highlight his lifestyle as real wealth. From taking pictures with fans to smoking whenever he wants, Young Thug has to smile whenever he's alone. He's living the good life.

    Best Lines: "Billions, stack this cash and lay low like barbarians / Brazilians, wax it and pass it to Australians"

Check out Young Thug's new songs up above.