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Ryan Reynolds Trolling About His Baby Is Peak Ryan Reynolds

We expected nothing less

We already know Ryan Reynolds is an absolute expert when it comes to trolling the media, and everyone else at that.

So it wasn't surprising in the least that the actor demurred once more when it came to sharing his newborn daughter's name.

Reynolds made an appearance on the Today show on Thursday while promoting his new Netflix film 6 Underground, but during his segment, the hosts had a few questions for him about his third child with Blake Lively. Famously, he's shared next to nothing about her, months after her birth, likely in a bid to preserve her privacy as long as possible.

But at some point, like the other members of his family, he's bound to let us know her name. That didn't happen this week, as he demonstrated some expert-level trolling when asked about his daughter's name.

"We haven't yet," he replied when Today's hosts asked what Reynolds and Lively had named their daughter.

"We’re gonna be original, and all of the letters in her name are silent," Reynolds joked. "I want to give her something to push against in life."

"She’ll be known as anonymous," said co-host Craig Melvin in response to Ryan's joke.

"Yeah, exactly," the Deadpool star laughed. And that was it. Question averted.

Forget the name of Reynolds and Lively's daughter, though. We're still waiting on a better look at that sweet baby's face. In the middle of October, Reynolds shared a snap of himself with Blake while on a walk through the woods, holding their daughter close. In the snap, however, the baby's face was obscured by a smiley face.

Now, it looks like we might get a hint at Baby No. 3's name around the same time we get to see her face. Ah, well. We'll keep on waiting patiently. There are plenty of Ryan and Blake moments to watch unfold in the meantime.