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Taylor Swift Sees Your TikToks — And Yes, She Loves Them

'I think that they’re hilarious and amazing'

In case you missed it, Taylor Swift is Billboard's Woman of the Decade. Shocking, we know. And if you're wondering how someone stays consistently relevant over the span of 10 long years, the "Lover" singer just spilled her big secret in the latest issue of the mag, on stands December 14. So, what's her trick? It's simple. Never stop learning.

"I'm always trying to learn," Swift told Billboard. "I'm learning from everyone. I'm learning when I go see Bruce Springsteen or Madonna do a theater show. And I'm learning from new artists who are coming out right now, just seeing what they're doing and thinking, 'That's really cool.' You need to keep your influences broad and wide-ranging, and my favorite people who make music have always done that."

Swift also learned a lot from working with Andrew Lloyd Webber on CatsFunny enough, he was the one who told her about the social media app TikTok, which has become a popular tool for aspiring musicians since its launch in 2017. "Andrew will walk through the door and be like, 'I've just seen this amazing thing on TikTok!'" she said. "And I'm like, 'You are it! You are it!'"

For the "Beautiful Ghosts" songstress, staying clued in on what young people are doing is of utmost importance — especially since they're so often brushed off by adults who, like it or not, don't necessarily know better. "You cannot look at what quote-unquote 'the kids are doing' and roll your eyes," Swift said. "You have to learn."

Make no mistake, though. Swift is not an active TikTok user. She does, however, watch video clips from the app whenever they show up on her Tumblr feed. For years, Tumblr has been Swift's social media platform of choice when it comes to connecting with he fans. "I only see them when they're posted to Tumblr, but I love them!" she said. "I think that they're hilarious and amazing. Andrew says that they've made musicals cool again, because there's a huge musical facet to TikTok."

Also in the new issue is Billboard's Woman of the Year, Billie Eilish. In her interview, she addresses her previous comments about baggy clothes and how her decision to wear loose-fitting garments has, in some ways, backfired. "I think my message — and I don’t really know if I have one — is miscommunicated sometimes," she said. "Sometimes I get this response from parents like, 'Thank you for dressing the way you do so my daughter doesn't dress like a slut,' and I’m like, 'Whoa! That is the opposite of what I'm trying to do.' If anything, I'm trying to make it easier for your daughter to wear what she wants."

For more on Swift and Eilish, head to Billboard's website, or purchase the issue yourself on Saturday, December 14.