'I Did Something Dumb': Robby Reflects On Clapping During That Siesta Key Scuffle

He applauded when Juliette and Amanda went head-to-head

Robby made himself a part of Juliette's showdown with Amanda (post-Chloe debacle) om this week's Siesta Key -- and all it took was the simple striking of his palms.

"What did I do?" Juliette screamed at Amanda as she pushed her, while Robby encouraged her from the sidelines with some clapping.

Amanda immediately acknowledged "Mr. Rubella's" (Robby's social influencer company's) action and asked, "Do you want to get your ass beat too?"

Amanda was eventually kicked escorted out of the bash (more jabs were exchanged), but now Robby is a part of Jules' beef with Amanda. So why did he offer up some applause (not the Lady Gaga song)?

"In my pursuit of my passion, I abandoned logic," Robby told MTV News. "Everyone does that at some point, and I did something dumb. I tried to take the focus of the negative energy off the girl I was falling in love with. And it worked, I think!"

He continued: "When it happened, I remember grabbing her and telling her to calm down and telling her it would be okay, and we would get through it later."

But looking back more broadly, what was going through his mind as Juliette bickered with her cohorts?

"I’m the opposite of confrontation. I’ve never been in a fight in my life, ever," Robby explained. "I’ve never hit someone, and not a lot of people can say that. It’s just not my style -- it’s not how I was raised. Before that happened, Juliette and I had talked about these situations and to keep your cool. Be mature about it, and talk it out."

What did you make of Robby's reaction, and would you have done the same? Give your take in the comments, and keep watching Siesta Key every Tuesday at 8/7c.