'Don't Put Your Hands On Her!': Juliette And Chloe's Siesta Key Fight Turned Physical

Will the two ever rebuild their sisterly relationship?

Juliette and Chloe have clashed before, but those disagreements paled in comparison to the showdown that unfolded during tonight's Siesta Key. And it ended with the two women needing to be separated after it turned physical.

But before hands (and hair) went flying at Juliette and Kelsey's housewarming party, the conversation was subdued. Juliette expressed her disappointment that Chloe's role as an "older sister" was no more and that she felt betrayed by her actions post-Alex break up.

Chloe explained that Juliette was right but that their sibling-like connection made her realize their bond was a "one-way street."

"You've never once called me and asked how I'm doing," Chloe stated. "When you call me, you're going off the deep end and you're upset. Don't think that I've minded that, because I loved being there for you."

Juliette wondered if that had any correlation to Chloe's connection to Alex, but she confirmed it didn't.

"You're just finding any excuse as to how to betray me," Juliette countered.

"You are going to make it about Alex because that's how you are. It's really not," Chloe insisted. "It's about the fact that you haven't been a good friend to me. But with all that being said, I'm going to give you one last piece of friendly advice from someone who did view you as a little sister and did really love you and did really care: You are surrounding yourself with people who are using you."

Translation: Robby.

And of course, Juliette didn't take that bit of guidance well.

"There's no friendship with us, apparently, because I thought we were good friends," Juliette exclaimed, while pointing at Chloe.

"Get your f*cking hands out of my face!" Chloe began as she swatted Juliette's hands away.

And that's when it turned ugly: As Chloe attempted to walk away, Juliette "whacked" Chloe in the side of the head and yanked at her extensions. Security reacted quickly, and Amanda rushed and scolded Juliette to let go.

"You don't put your hands on her!" Amanda screamed at Juliette, while Madisson ran after Chloe as she exited the party.

While Juliette tried to downplay it as she "pulled her hair," Madisson tried to comfort Chloe and felt a "f*cking huge bump."

But back inside. Amanda continued to complicate matters by asking who put hands on each other first, which prompted Juliette to get into Amanda's face, push her and ask, "What did I do?" Meanwhile, Robby was off to the side clapping.

"You were my friend!" Juliette screeched at Amanda as she was held back by Brandon.

"You want to put your f*cking hands on me -- I dare you!" Amanda barked back, to which Juliette retorted, "You're not my friend anymore."

The failed bash ended with Robby comforting a hysterical Juliette by telling her she was "too pretty to cry," while Cara came to fetch Chloe, Madisson and Amanda. But on next week's episode, Chloe reveals that she filed a police report -- and Juliette tells her, "I'm so sorry." What will be the outcome of this troubling incident? And will Chloe and Juliette be able to merely co-exist at the same Siesta Key functions? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching every Tuesday at 8/7c.