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Miley Cyrus Added Two New Tattoos To Her Collection

She celebrated freedom and her love for Yoko Ono

Miley Cyrus just added two more tattoos to her ever-growing collection.

The "Slide Away" singer hung out with celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter (@winterstone) over the weekend, who shared snaps of his handiwork on Cyrus's knuckle and shoulder.

Miley's first new addition to her collection of body art was a gorgeous script tattoo just above her right knuckle that reads "Freedom" in the most delicate cursive possible, a hallmark of Winter's tattooing style. The dainty text takes up the length of the pop star's hand, and was done with a single needle.

It's been widely speculated that the "freedom" tattoo could very well be a nod to her split from ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, though there's nothing that confirms this. It's still something to chew on, though.

Miley's other brand-new ink was obviously extremely important to her, as it immortalized a handwritten note from the legendary artist Yoko Ono right on her shoulder. Etched onto her skin with Winter's delicate tattooing hand, the singer's tattoo reads "I'm proud of u, Yoko."

This isn't the only celebrity letter Miley has tattooed on her. Yoko's words of encouragement were added to the celebrity's tattoo collection alongside Johnny Cash's signature, located on her arm. It also reads "I'm in your corner." Legend. Your fave could absolutely never.

Miley has been collecting new tattoos at a rapid pace over the last few months. Just last week, she got a new skeleton in a crown on her arm, which helped push her total pieces of artwork on her body over 50. She's carefully curating an awesome selection of body art, and it'll be interesting to see exactly where she goes next. She's always got eclectic selections, and as she adds more, she'll be sure to take to social media with them.

Keep rockin' those awesome tats, Miley.