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Mulan Brings Honor To The Animated Original In First Full-Length Trailer

'It's my duty to protect my family'

Disney's live-action adaptation of Mulan looks better and better every time we see it.

The first full-length trailer just dropped on Thursday morning (December 5), and it's been well worth the wait. In the two-minute clip, we see Mulan working to take her father's place to serve in the Imperial Army and blossoming into an absolute badass along the way.

As the story goes, which you may already be familiar with, the Emperor of China demands that one man per family do their duty to their country to protect the land against invaders. But Mulan can't let her ailing father head off to war again, so she takes his place instead. She becomes a legendary hero in the process. It's empowering stuff, even if the movie does away with the classic musical numbers we're all familiar with.

However, there is a sentimental throwback to one of the most popular tracks from the movie woven into the trailer: an instrumental "Reflection." It seems it'll be used in the movie, even if there won't be any singing.

Back in July, we had our first look at the film, helmed by director Niki Caro (Whale Rider). Disney's new vision of a live-action Mulan features Chinese actress Liu Yifei, who also goes by the name Crystal Liu, as our titular heroine. Yifei is an experienced wuxia star and pop princess in China. The Chinese-American actress has been working in the industry since 2003, and she's considered one of the most successful young actresses in China, one of the "Four Dan actresses" of the early 2000s.

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It's going to be a decidedly different film than the animated version, but it also looks like a much more mature take on the story as well that will do the character justice. Mulan will bring honor to us all on March 27, 2020.