Reunion Ruckus: Can Ashley Ever Reconcile With Her Teen Mom Cohorts?

An epic clash featured several 'Teen Mom 2' cast members and 'Young and Pregnant' ladies

Jade's transition from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant to Teen Mom 2 was addressed during the latter series' finale tonight. And this was the launching point of a massive fight -- with Ashley at the center of it all.

So how did it begin? Host Dr. Drew asked how the Young and Pregnant women (as well as Kailyn) learned of Jade's move; Kayla explained she saw it on Twitter, while Kail stated that even her cast didn't know of the decision. But it wasn't a surprise to Holly's mom.

"I have no feelings," Ashley calmly began. "I got a bunch of calls about it. They told me they were going to move her. I knew. It spiraled into some issue, but it really wasn't. I knew before it got leaked on the Internet."

But then Kail provided some interesting context which quickly changed the dynamics on stage.

"There were rumors that it was between Ashley or Jade to come to [Teen Mom] 2 and then it evolved and escalated," the mother of three explained, while Ashley elaborated that she was perceived as "being jealous."

But when Dr. Drew asked if Jade and Ashley had spoken, it sparked a confrontation between the two.

"Let's just cut the sh*t -- you accused me of lying about being on Teen Mom 2," Ashley snapped. "I didn't lie about it. I was actually asked if I wanted to go; I said I would rather stay with Y and P. I was more than supportive of your move to Teen Mom 2 until you said what you said. I felt shaded by that because I don't have to lie."

When Jade asked what she had said, Ashley claimed it unfolded in her DMs. Jade's version of the events was the last exchange featuring Ashley calling Jade's mother a "crack head."

"She is a crack ass bitch," Ashley yelled. Kail quickly urged Jade to "walk off," but then Kayla became involved after Ashley posted something about she and Brianna online.

"We did not exclude you!" Kayla insisted.

"Let's cut the sh*t -- don't walk up on me," Ashley declared. "You bitches act like it's me that's the problem. I'm not the motherf*cking problem. I reach out to you [Brianna] about Braeson. Who's talking, because I hope it's not that bitch," she continued, directing her comment at Kail.

Speaking of Kail, Ashley insisted she reached out to the mother of three -- but Kail removed herself with a "see you later!" But Ashley opted to stay on stage, even with security surrounding her.

"I continue to support all you guys, but I'm not guying to play this bullsh*t game," Ashley insisted, after she accused Jade of saying terrible things about Kayla and Brianna.

When Kayla asked what she had done to Ashley, Ashley said, "Nothing, bitch -- that's the point!"

"I will beat the dog sh*t" out of you!" a hoarse Ashley said, to which Kayla countered with, "I'm not going to fight you! You're my co-worker!"

More ranting followed, but Ashley exited the premises with a "F*ck all y'all dumb ass bitches."

Eventually, Ashley came back out to be with everyone, and Dr. Drew's idea to "get everybody back together again" went nowhere.

"I got upset because there was a lot of fake sh*t going on, and I don't like a bunch of fake shit going on," a now-calm Ashley explained. "I think there are some genuine friendships, but I think that when we get up here, it's like an 'oh Kumbaya.'"

From there, she apologized to Kayla for "saying I was going to spit on you." But the niceties didn't last long.

"I feel some type of way though because I do reach out to you guys often, and you guys don't reciprocate," she said.

Brianna insisted that Kayla was the only person she spoke to and that there could have been communication prior instead of "coming on screen and starting the extra sh*t."

Dr. Drew, who always has a good read on these situations, decided to "leave it here." But the women continued to bicker as he read tune-in for more episodes, and again, it got ugly between Ashley and Kayla -- and both women needed to be restrained from a physical altercation.

What do you think: Will the group reconcile? Or is the damage that's been done too great to repair? Offer your opinion, keep watching Young and Pregnant on Tuesdays at 9/8c and stay with MTV News for more Teen Mom 2 updates.