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All I Want For Christmas Is Chris Evans's Knives Out Sweater

Twitter is thirsting over the chunky-knit crown jewel of sweaters

Ah, the holiday season is finally here. Time to settle in, make a cup of hot cocoa, and cozy up with your favorite sweater and a good book. Or perhaps you'd rather see a movie. May we suggest Knives Out?

Chris Evans has a starring role in the modern "whodunit" film from Rian Johnson, and as such, you'll be seeing a lot of him. But that's not all you'll be seeing. You'll also get an eyeful, over and over again, of his delicate, cream white sweater.

Sure, you might think, it's just a sweater. But then you see how Chris manages to fill out said sweater, and how it looks wholesome and thirst-trappingly satisfying at the same time. Then it becomes easy to understand how the internet as a whole could become, like the popular track from Grease, Hopelessly Devoted to this woolen wonder.

Take all these tweets, for example. All of these satisfied customers can't be wrong, as they sing the praises of the holiday miracle that is Chris Evans' Knives Out sweater.

As it's likely abundantly clear by now, this sweater is a thing of wonder. A most sacred holiday icon that Chris Evans has blessed us with this season. But it wasn't Chris we have to thank for bringing it into the world, though we can certainly praise him for filling it out.

Knives Out costume designer Jenny Eagan brought us the Aran cable-knit, which she used a Dremel and sandpaper to make the delicate holes throughout – you know, the ones that look like they've been there for years, but Chris can't be helped to buy a new sweater over? Genius.

This season, give thanks for Chris Evans in his now-iconic Knives Out sweater. And then give lookalikes to all your friends (and wear it yourself) in an attempt to channel the same energy. Everyone will understand.