Louis Tomlinson Pulls Off A Heist In 'Don't Let It Break Your Heart' Video

He also hits the pitch and the pub, naturally

Last month, Louis Tomlinson dropped the fourth single from his upcoming debut album, Walls. As any song called "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" would be, it's an ode to perseverance that finds rainy-guitar verses giving way to a full-throated, chant-ready chorus that could sit alongside the biggest One Direction arena anthems like "Steal My Girl."

But in the trajectory of Tomlinson's solo career, "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" follows nicely after the pub rock of "Kill My Mind" and the emotionality of "We Made It." The video likewise continues the story that's run through those clips, finding two lovers on the run amid the emotional wreckage of a criminal entanglement.

While that plays out with a heist and the predictably tragic fallout, the B-plot finds Tomlinson himself does what he's known for: hitting the pitch (again) and the pub with his mates. And then, surprise! He also gets in on the action, donning a mask and hopping in the car for a robbery. There's a bit of a twist ending, which gives the whole thing a decidedly cinematic aura, as directed by Charlie Lightening.

Tomlinson's debut solo album, Walls, is out January 31 and promises to find the 27-year-old showing all the sides of himself he's spent years rediscovering since his old band's hiatus. "I'm always just trying to kind of find a middle ground between where I've come from and what I know the fans really want to hear," he told MTV News in October.

You can hear "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" in the dramatic video above.