YouTube/YBN Cordae

YBN Cordae Predicts A Couple's Miserable Holiday In 'Thanksgiving'

Meeting the family just doesn't go right this time

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have and also, for a lot of people (including me), it's a time for stuffing your gullet with macaroni and cheese, yams, turkey, stuffing, and just about anything else that's being so graciously cooked. YBN Cordae's new video for "Thanksgiving," from his debut studio album The Lost Boy, is about an unforgettable holiday experience with a particular family. As the narrator, he stands on the sideline and delivers the mood while the story unfolds, providing the soundtrack for a couple having the worst luck ever.

The video centers around a couple heading to a family's Thanksgiving get-together. The guy and gal are clearly nervous for this to happen and so it seems like just about everything doesn't go their way. First, they have some car troubles. Then, when they get there, they have issues when the gal gets a little too close to one of the guy's family members, an attractive young guy who gives her nothing but wide smiles. An amazing feast gets underway as YBN Cordae continuously, melodically, carols, "Mac and cheese up in the oven‚ grandma finished cookin'/Thanksgiving around the corner‚ need banana pudding" on the chorus. After showing some absolutely beautiful dishes off, there's one final kerfuffle as the guy's family finds silly reasons not to be too fond of the gal.  Regardless, the epic feast continues on.

YBN Cordae was recently nominated for Best Rap Album (The Lost Boy) and Best Rap Song ("Bad Idea") for the 62 Grammy Awards. He dropped The Lost Boy in July.

Watch YBN Cordae's story of a miserable holiday in "Thanksgiving" up above.