(Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

City Girls Stick Their Tongues Out At Their Haters On 'You Tried It'

The lyric video is about twerking harder than ever

City Girls are back to sticking their tongues out on their new single, "You Tried It," which is an extended laugh at haters that you don't want to miss. Yung Miami and JT have a couple of things to brag to their doubters about, and you'll want to hear how they navigate being young, flashy, and wealthy. It doubles a cheek-bouncing anthem that you'll definitely hear popping out of car and club speakers for awhile. Just look at the animated twerking in the lyric video that has been released with it.

"You Tried It" is about winning when others want you to lose. City Girls are up 30 on their competition and they let them know with teasing rhymes that have to sting a little going through the ears. "You tried it hoe, that shit ain't work" is the first, penultimate, and last lines of the chorus that could also be read as asking "you mad?" over and over with a hearty laugh. Their verses, largely about how they command attention from anyone that they come across, reference everything from legendary R&B singer to 360 deals that artists often sign.

The lyric video pops like a comic book, so it's awesome to see some cartoons twerking perfectly. It exceeds your expectations of just seeing lyrics appear on a screen, and it gives you the blueprint of what you should be doing whenever this song comes on. Putting your hands on your knees and making those cheeks jump for joy.

Take a listen to "You Tried It" up above.