Peak Of Love Triangle: Who's The Better Match For Niall -- Allie Or Tyranny?

'May the best woman win'

Georgia promised that her ex Niall -- who made his debut on tonight's Peak of Love -- would make things "really fun" and even gave her former beau permission to "crack on" with other ladies. And the Love Island veteran was able to back up his U.K. cohort's statement: Two women were soon in queue line to form a connection with the rainbow fish in the chalet.

"Goddamn, that man is fine," Tyranny said, while adding she sees "potential" with him.

Allie used the same word as the Are You the One? alum to describe Niall -- and the two snogged at the Out of This World party (which Tyranny pitched to the crew).

But Tyranny soon got her PDA shot, and she and Niall made out as well (after some encouragement from La Demi and Adore).

"I've gotten an absolutely great reception," Niall said. "I think there's a few girls that want a bit of me. I want a bit of them. I'm just going to get to know 'em, and then I'm going to see if I'm going to take things further."

Tyranny's attitude about the Peak of Love triangle? "May the best woman win." So who will prevail? Does Niall have a brighter future with Allie or Tyranny -- or is someone else going to claim him? Keep watching Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love every Thursday at 9/8c to see what unfolds on this island mountain!