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Kesha Won't Just 'Shut Up And Sing' In Uplifting 'My Own Dance'

'I don't owe 'em nothing, maybe I owe 'em everything'

Kesha's back with another glittered-up adventure of a single, and you probably weren't expecting anything like what its accompanying video brings with it.

In "My Own Dance," Kesha asserts her independence while slipping into a glitter-filled baby pool, passing out magic cereal at a hotel, and peeping in on a party featuring furries and bikini-clad gas mask girls. Oh, there are also plenty of beefcakes, creepy twins like the ones from The Shining, and tons of other interesting visuals. Yes, this is Kesha at her best when it comes to trippy

"You're the party girl," Kesha laments in the song, before launching into a refrain that reminds listeners that – "hey!" – she "don't do that dance."

"I only do my own!" Kesha reminds us, insisting that she owes no one anything, and she's no one's puppet. Clad in a pink robe, neon makeup, and hair barrettes that proclaim "EXTRA," Kesha's seemingly back to her old, party girl image, but with a brand-new coat of paint. She's not going to let anyone dim her glow anymore, and she's out to make sure she's doing what she wants, not fulfilling someone else's agenda.

Kesha's neon-hued eyeshadow in the video could very well be one of our first looks at her upcoming makeup line, Kesha Rose, which she previously described as "years in the making." We've yet to see any of the shades in the collection, but given the rainbow-flavored look in her announcement video, it looks like this "My Own Dance" could very well be culled from the same colors she's about to release for fans to purchase this December.

Meanwhile, Kesha's new album High Road is set to release with both "My Own Dance" and "Raising Hell" on January 10. That means Animals will get to start 2020 off right, with a whole new set of bops.