Sneak Peek: Two Singles Are Kissing On Peak Of Love (And It's Only Day 1)

The hot tub made them do it

Truth or Dare often makes people grow closer together -- and the party game did just that for Callum and Georgia on the peak of love.

In a sneak peek from the premiere of Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love (airing tonight!), the British singles can be seen bonding in the hot tub shortly after their arrival at the chalet. T or D becomes the main event -- and La Demi offers up a dare to the Love Island alum.

"Dry hump the person of your choice or make out with them," La Demi poses to Georgia.

At first, G hesitates and asks if she can switch to truth (that's against the rules, babe!), but then she lays one on the Ibiza Weekender star.

How do Georgia and Callum describe the steamy smooch? And how do their fellow singles react to the PDA moment? Watch the clip, see if their apparent connection grows or fizzles and do not miss the premiere of Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love tonight at 9/8c!