Peak Of Love Parting: Is Adore Really 'Done' With Ex Jakk?

Apparently, the 'Drag Race' star's former beau got into bed with someone else

Romeo told Adore Delano and ex Jakk "ya'll are good" at the inaugural Crush Ice Ceremony after the former conveyed nervousness about their future on the peak of love. But the RuPaul's Drag Race star was completely valid expressing trepidation to the host -- and it's not looking well, good, for the two.

"You're mad because your boy was in my bed!" Marlon yelled at Adore, in the "next on" episode preview which aired after tonight's brand-new installment.

"Bitch, shut the f*ck up!" Adore retaliated, while getting in Marlon's face.

But before we see the Real World star cuddle with Jakk, Adore expressed a desire for "pizza and d*ck" at the winter-themed elimination event. Post-jokes (Callum with the quip that Adore already had slices that day), Romeo pressed Adore on what it was like seeing Jakk in this unique setting.

"I got hella excited, but I'm just nervous," Adore, who has only dated Jakk as Danny, explained pre-elimination (bye, Megan). "Other people coming in and shaking sh*t up. I'm a pessimist. I know what the f*ck I'm getting into. I don't want something to upset him."

But it looks like Jakk is about to be the one doing the upsetting -- and Adore is "done." What will really transpire between Adore and Jakk, and do you believe they are finished? Sound off, then keep watching Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love every Thursday at 9/8c.