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Alexis Ren Is Head-Over-Heels For Noah Centineo: 'Yeah, I Love That Man'

But mysteriously, she's never seen 'To All The Boys'

Noah Centineo is one smitten kitten — or at least according to his girlfriend, Alexis Ren. The model attended the 2019 Revolve Awards in Los Angeles on Friday night (November 15), and she couldn't help but swoon over the actor, revealing that after "eight or nine months" together, they're truly in love.

"Yeah, I love that man. He's amazing," the 22-year-old told ET when she was asked if they said the L-word to each other yet. "... I love that man with all my heart so I feel really grateful to be his partner." Ren also confirmed that she and Centineo met through mutual friends and that she — GASP! — has never seen To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

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We know, we know — Ren really needs to carve out some time to watch the Netflix rom-com that made us all fall in love with her beau in the first place. But just because she hasn't seen it doesn't mean she doesn't love him. In fact, the two are so serious that he's even met her family. "It was great," she revealed to E! News. "My little brother was like, 'Who is this person?' and I was like, 'Please, like him for me. I really like him.'"

It's also worth mentioning that Ren doesn't have all the time in the world to sit down and watch movies — especially since she's busy planning epic date nights. "I'm very spontaneous and so is he," she said when dishing about their romantic dates. "It just depends what we're trying to do for each other. He likes to paint, so I took him to paint one time. Just little fun things. We both love art, so we love doing art together."

And, just in case you missed it last week when Centineo referred to Ren as "the angel in my life" at the Charlie's Angels premiere,  he's just as swoon-worthy IRL as he is on screen. "He's amazing," Ren said. "His heart is really that genuine. He has a heart of gold, and he's that much of a dork in real life, too." Wow, goals.