Joe Perri

FLETCHER's 'One Too Many' Is An Anthem For Petty Bitches Everywhere

R.I.P. her ex

Gird your loins: On her latest new song, FLETCHER is full of liquid courage and ready to unleash her inner "petty bitch."

With "One Too Many," the New Jersey singer is one step closer to finding the closure she yearned for on her latest EP, the heartbreak-chronicling you ruined new york city for me. Over a bumping beat, she sings about being "done with coming undone" and getting "so over you." But before moving on, she can't resist getting in a few last digs, spitting, "I hope that band you like breaks up" and "I hope your favorite bar shuts down." It's brutally honest but entirely relatable for anyone who's ever dreamt of telling off their ex in such epic fashion.

"One Too Many" has been part of FLETCHER's live show for the past few months, and its release on Friday (November 15) comes after fans begged for a studio version. The "All Love" singer previously said of the track, "I wrote [it] about, honestly, being a really petty bitch. We'd all be lying if we said that we weren't a petty bitch at one point in our lives. I was a little drunk, I was trying to start some shit, we've all been there. We've all been fucking drama queens."

Expect to hear "One Too Many" when FLETCHER hits the road as the opening act on one of the anticipated tours of 2020: Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi's joint trek. The talented trio will kick off the North American leg of the Nice To Meet Ya Tour in April.