YouTube/J Balvin

J Balvin Makes Your Definition Of Weird Hold Its Beer In 'Blanco'

Floating cats, materializing roller coasters — there's a lot to unpack

For J Balvin, the future is white, scary, and circus-like – with kittens bobbing their heads. His new video for "Blanco" is a peculiar experience that asks you what you think is weird and then tells you to hold its beer as it ups the ante.

From standing on a bull to hanging out with clones in stadium seats, J Balvin will successfully make you scratch your head as you go deeper and deeper into his mind. Also, tune in for some cool soccer-ball tricks.

J Balvin isn't telling some uber complex story with "Blanco"; he's having some fun and making it a head-scratcher in the process. He puts on clown makeup like he's in charge of a dystopian circus and dances with faceless backup dancers. He also wears gigantic hypnotizing glasses and performs while kittens calmy float past him. Can you think of anyone cooler? He imbues the already springy reggaeton track with a futuristic spark that's hard, if even possible, to forget.

Last night at the Latin Grammys, J Balvin and Rosalía took home Best Urban Song for "Con Altura," which also won Best Latin at the 2019 VMAs. Earlier in August, he released the electric video for "Indeciso" with Lalo Ebratt and Reik.

Watch J Balvin's forward-thinking "Blanco" video up above.