Will Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Have To Go Back To Court Because Of Adam?

He wants to be present when Aubree visits his parents, but Chelsea isn't on board

Chelsea got an unexpected call from Adam's mom Donna during last week's Teen Mom 2 installment -- and on tonight's episode, the mother of three found out why Aubree's grandmother was ringing. Donna did not want her part of the conversation featured, but viewers heard Chelsea's statements.

"You want to change the agreement so Adam can be at your house when Aubree's there? I haven't seen any steps on his end [for me] to be able to just be okay with that quite yet," Chelsea told Donna (Adam's family has a monthly visit with the 10-year-old).

Chelsea then offered that Adam could go to the visitation center to go that route (Adam was previously a no-show there nearly a year ago). She also explained to Donna that her opinion could possibly change if Adam was the one who reached out about the change.

"Are you wanting him to have time with her, or is he wanting to have time?" Chelsea asked. "The final word is, I'm not comfortable with it."

Following the chat, Chelsea needed Cole (who was by his wife's side during the call) to tell her she was "not crazy." Cole obviously backed up his wife, a position he has always taken on this difficult situation, and admitted he was "shaking" from anger.

"She said we're going to have to go to court and pay for it because he has no income," Chelsea said. "What do you want me to say to that? I can't."

But back to Donna's statement: Will Chelsea have to go to court because of this situation? Or will the families come to some sort of agreement without any legal proceedings? Give your take in the comments, and do not miss Part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion on Tuesday at 9/8c.